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“The requirements of the Entertainment Industry only have the power of breeding within you your very own worst enemy.  Your talent and gifts will ALWAYS breed within you your very own best friend.”

Paul Spencer Alexander
Welcome to our website!  We are so pleased to have you join us.  We already know that you must be a significant source of talent seeking ways to promote and market your music and/or film/video projects since you’ve stopped by to visit us.  We want you to do more than just stop by.  You have successfully reached the Internet’s only true confidant for musicians, recording artists, songwriters, bands and (most recently) film and video makers.  We want you to STAY and keep coming back!  We started out as a simple website with free articles and an optional Ebook to purchase and have come full circle in the past six years, growing into a completely free online promotion and marketing school for creative talent.  Please click on the “About” page to learn more about our history, and be sure to bookmark this page and make it a regular part of your music/film promotion arsenal.

Paul Spencer Alexander is the founder of this educational website for creative talent and his main goal is to empower other Musicians, Songwriters, and Creative Artists with the knowledge they need to run their own careers in the smartest way possible, and “on their own terms.”  The secret can be found in automating your entire physical world to work for your benefit, and not the other way around.  There is a simple, step-by-step plan of implementation presented in (the original): “Musician’s Companion Ebook” for succeeding in music, in finances, and in life.  Plus, our free education section now includes lessons for film makers, too.  Those who learn these strategies will undoubtedly get the edge over those who do not.  The Musician’s Companion book is perfect for anyone wishing to start a music or songwriting career, regardless of where they are in their lives.  It is the internet’s only true confidant for those in the music industry, and the key to your successful music career.

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