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If you are a dance/pop Music Artist or an Artist who makes trance, house, hip-hop, drum and bass, or any other form of music that resonates with the genre of electronic music or electronica, we want to let you know that the information and resources listed here at: are designed to fit your music promotion efforts “like a glove.”

The reason for this is because Paul Spencer Alexander has a passion for making and promoting music that keeps these genres alive.  It is truly a labor of love for Paul and it is his hope that he can spread the word to as many dance, electronic, and pop Artists as he can in order to keep the genre alive.  This is particularly important for vinyl Artists as well, since vinyl is still a progressive art form today for musicians and deejays alike, despite what the mp3 might be telling you.

In short, we encourage you as a musician, songwriter, or enthusiast to keep track of the present and upcoming tips and resources here at: for dance/pop music writers and Artists, as well as Artists who make trance, house, hip hop, drum and bass, and all other forms of electronic music and electronica that remain true to this genre.  Let’s keep the inspiration, magic, and euphoria alive for the people who love our style of music.  Together, we really can make a difference!

We welcome your feedback, questions, comments, and any resources you care to share with us so that we may spread the word to our followers. Please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you!

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