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Musicians Companion - Paul Alexander
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, but raised in a small, ocean-front community visually disguised (just outside of Salem) as a deceptive portrait of a Norman Rockwell painting (in terms of beauty), with the deceptive part mainly residing in a lot of rather negative people in the community.  Paul Spencer Alexander barely escaped the confines of an uncommonly suburbanized prison-camp childhood, located in a frigid east area, just outside of nowhere.  As he assured the Border Guards most open-heartedly that he would one day return to the camp the following Thursday from never, Paul got to work knawing his way through the metal bars with his set of hungry chops, and once free, hopped onto a jet to Florida, attending the University of Miami, and sneaking into the piano suites with a tape recorder to continue completing the writings of his hefty collection of songs.  While attending, he was selected by audition to the University of Miami School of Music’s prestigious University Mens’ Chorale as a featured performer.

Once Paul gathered up a songwriting portfolio of “worthy” material, he begged himself to escape the previously oppressive pain of his past in order to experience some type of joy.  Then, something completely unexpected happened: Paul grew up a bit (well, at least a little).

Paul’s main goal is to empower other Musicians, Songwriters, and Artists with the knowledge they need to run their own careers in the smartest way possible, and “on their own terms.”  The secret can be found in automating your entire physical world to work for your benefit, and not the other way around.  There is a simple, step-by-step plan of implementation presented in: “The Musician’s Companion” for succeeding in music, in finances, and in life.  Those who learn these strategies will undoubtedly get the edge over those who do not.  This book is perfect for anyone wishing to start a music or songwriting career, regardless of where they are in their lives.  Paul has counseled and ran workshops for disadvantaged children, designing and implementing a training Itinerary in songwriting and its improvement on self-esteem. He has worked with over 1,000 public school students and has 15 years of combined counseling & teaching experience.

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