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We are pleased to welcome you to our website.  We have recently changed our name as we evolved over the years.  Originally founded in March of 2010, and formerly known as:, we have grown substantially and come full circle, fully developing into a free online marketing and promotion school for musicians, recording artists, songwriters, bands and (just recently), film makers.  Here at our music promotion website and film promotion website, you will receive a free education that includes musician’s resources, music career recommendations, film promotion advice, and an (optional) Ebook to purchase at a special low price that is geared specifically to musicians, recording artists, songwriters, and bands.  We carefully screen all our resources and cut out anything that we perceive to be a scam in any way.  A genuine rule of thumb is: “if they want your money, don’t go with them.”  You are not supposed to be charged to promote your music.  In film, the only exception might be entering your project into a Film Festival where a fee sometimes (but not always) applies.

Paul Spencer Alexander, the original founder of this website and author of the book/Ebook “The Musician’s Companion,” is a 1st place International Singing Competition winner from the IMTA, where he also won an additional singing award for competition excellence.  Also a film maker, Paul received an IMTA acting award for competition excellence as well.  He has received recording offers, agent offers, and heavy radio play in South America.  His debut album, Place with Life, received a “Best of the Batch” music review and “Editor’s Pick” from the Music Industry News Network, has had songs placed in films, and received a publishing deal sponsored by the Armani Exchange.  Paul is just like you: a person who struggled with the let-downs of this tough business, and who wants to share the secrets of conquering this (seemingly) unconquerable business of music.

In Paul’s own words, “This original book I wrote, titled ‘The Musician’s Companion,’ (available here as an Ebook at a special low price) was written because, throughout my creative years, I have found a huge difference between myself and others who “fight” to make it in the entertainment business, are often dishonest, and usually won’t help another soul make it as well because they refuse to divulge any secrets in how they went about gaining success.  My personality is quite different.  Whenever I obtain some type of additional success and growth in my own creative career, I become so excited that I instantly want to SHARE the ‘trial and error’ strategies I used with other Artists because it brings me such a huge amount of joy to help other Artists become successful.  I’ve been making short films and comedies since around the same time that I founded this site under its former name:, and geared (at the time) only to musicians, recording artists, songwriters, and bands.  I find it such an important virtue for Artists not only refusing to disrespect any other Artist, but also to support and help them as well.  We are a team.  We create in a similar way, often under oppressive physical environments, and one Artist’s passion for his/her work should not be deemed as ‘less important’ than another Artist’s work.  Creating music and/or films is a labor of love.  The blood, sweat, and tears that come with being a perfectionist with our work is no less tedious than anyone else’s.  And so, here I am today with six years of proud work growing this website into a free school in order to help YOU succeed in the entertainment business.  ‘CHEERS to our success.’”  Don’t ever hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or resources you think might be useful to the rest of the entertainment community.  Until then, I’ll see you on the other side!

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